Greetings! We are glad that you decided to undergo a nonbinding trial training at AURA Fit Lady Club – the fitness club for women only. Our fitness trainers are looking forward to seeing you soon!

ATTENTION: To receive the service from our fitness trainers fully, it is important to come to the trial training on the agreed time and date.

The dynamics of our circuit training is quite fast, and the stations shift regularly. Our clients know how to perform exercise and use the fitness machines in the circuit training. However, you will be under the supervision of the fitness trainer. You will be given all the explanation needed for doing the exercise correctly. There is nothing to be worried about! 

What to expect from the first visit?

  • At the reception desk you will meet our trainer. She will show you the fitness club and explain you the functioning of the circuit training. Our fitness trainer will be available for you during the whole time of your visit.
  • The first training usually lasts longer than typical 30-45 minutes. Please expect approx. 60 minutes duration of your first visit. We will explain you how the training in our fitness club works. Doing exercise in our fitness club is easy and intuitive.

The stuff to bring to the training:

  • Please don’t forget to bring the following stuff to the training: 1) work-out clothes 2) sport shoes, 3) a towel4) a water or some of your favorite drinks for hydration (or you don’t need to, while we provide water in terms of our drinking schedule free of charge), and mainly 5) a good mood!
  • We recommend you take a credit card, since we will give you an attractive offer after the first training 

How to find us:

We recommend you use Google Maps or mapy.cz.

TIP: The easiest way to use the navigation in the mobile phone to get to our place is via the link; the section Where you find us!

A detailed description

AURA Pankrác

Address Hanusova 1537/1a, P4 Pankrác – close to the metro C Budějovická or Pankrác, the street on the side from Budějovická: Hanusova

  • After the entering you get to the reception.
  • A high-quality airconditioning, a spaceful room for work-out and additional activities.

AURA Vinohrady: Jiřího z Poděbrad

Address Slavíkova 15, P2 Vinohrady – close to A metro Jiřího z Poděbrad, as well as to the tram stop

  • Next to the doors of the apartment building there is an advertisement with the logo AURA directing to the street. The entrance is between a restaurant and hair salon in the corner.
  • Ring the labeled bell next to the door and our trainer will open the door by buzzing you in. Afterwards, follow the directions, walk few stairs up and down, then continue walking from the elevator to the stairs and to the underground floor, where is a pleasant cool temperature for work-out

AURA Strašnická:

Address Na Hroudě 28, P 10 Strašnice – close to A metro Strašnická, as well as to the tram/bus stop Průběžná or Na hroudě (tram 22, 7).

  • If you go by car, you can easily reach the parking place situated in front of the house, which is behind the well-known gas station ČS Prim
  • The entrance is in the arcade of the white house in the connector for the pedestrians between the streets Na Hroudě a Gutova. There is a Vietnamese grocery store, a hair salon and then Aura.  

AURA Kralupy:

Address Nerudova 801

  • ring the bell near to Kebab house, go to the 1st floor and you will find the AURA fitness!  

What you should know:


What if you cannot attend Aura on the agreed date?

Please, inform us immediately if you face to any changes regarding your visit. There is probably another client waiting for the reservation of the training, and we can reschedule your reservation to the other date



How to save money when wishing to exercise at our fitness club:

You can use benefit programs from your employer or the health insurance. In individual cases we offer payment of membership via repayments.

Something extra already, as a gift for FREE

You can  download an eating plan, specifically the Tips for low-carb meals, directly from our owner Barbora Makošová.

Let’s stay in touch!

You can find updates on our services on the websites and social media FB, Instagram. Sometimes we send reminders via e-mail or SMS (for example, if members of AURA haven’t visited us for a long time, we actively provide our special offer – to pause the training/membership plan for free).

We recommend you save our phone number for the chosen AURA branch, and to give a like on our Facebook and Instagram page. Then, you will not miss any important updates and enjoyable activities that we offer.


tel.: 606 023 996

email: [email protected]


tel.: 702 162 991

email: [email protected]

Jiřího z Poděbrad

tel.: 702 021 000

email: [email protected]

We are looking forward to you and your first training!

Your trainers and satisfied clients of Aura Fit Lady Club

Our fitness club for women only has been working since 2012. We are one of the first fitness centers, which brought a circuit training with special piston machines suitable for women on the market.

We enriched our services with other interesting activities for body-forming and fitness-conditioning. Nabídku jsme časem rozšířili o další zajímavé aktivity k formování těla a udržování kondice.

Every woman should be beatiful, healthy and fit!

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